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Neuner & Hornsteiner violin
Neuner & Hornsteiner violin
Neuner & Hornsteiner violin
Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, 1912 - back
Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, 1912 - back
Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, 1912 - ribs
Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, 1912 - ribs
Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, 1912 - scroll
Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, 1912 - scroll
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Neuner & Hornsteiner
Length of back: 36.1 cm
Year: approx. 1900
Tone: Clear, mature, warm

Antique Mittenwald violin, Neuner & Hornsteiner, approx. 1900 - Violinist's recommendation!

A beautiful Neuner & Hornsteiner violin, a Stradivarius model that has a warm, mature, clear tone, it was made by Neuner & Hornsteiner in approx. 1900. It bears the original Neuner & Hornsteiner maker's label that indicates the model. The varnish is a beautiful transparent light golden-orange-brown Mittenwald varnish over a yellow ground, in good condition with marks and wear witnessing the high age of the instrument. Like all violins in our online catalogue, this good Neuner & Hornsteiner Mittenwald violin has been thoroughly worked over and set up by our luthiers and is offered in perfect playing condition. The sound is of excellent quality and volume: warm in character, clear and mature with a bright note, this violin is the special recommendation of the violinist taking our sound sample recordings.

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