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SALE German violin of the 19th century, c.1870
SALE German violin of the 19th century, c.1870
SALE German violin of the 19th century, c.1870
Inventory No.: 4957
Provenance: Saxony
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 36.1 cm
Year: 1870 circa
Tone: Clear, powerful

SALE Antique German violin - 19th century, c.1870

SALE The classy, antique appearance of this 19th century Saxon violin which was made around 1870 in Markneukirchen is mainly caused by the rich and shiny golden-brown varnish and the beautiful tonewoods. The patinated, varnish is thickly applied, rich, and beautifully patinated emphasizing the fine texture of the marvelous tonewoods. The top is made of fine- to medium grown spruce, the back is made of exquisite sycamore maple with rare structures. Signs ob bowing and from vibrato playing in the highest positions are visible on top. A minor repair near the saddle allows us to offer this 19th century quality violin on sale at a special price. Its sound is bright, crystal, brilliant and open - rich in overtones, of power and with proper assertiveness.

1,400.00 €

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