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Antique violin made in 1925 - top
Antique violin made in 1925 - top
Antique violin made in 1925 - top
Antique violin made in 1925 - back
Antique violin made in 1925 - back
Violon ancien allemand, vernis a huile
Violon ancien allemand, vernis a huile
Antique violin made in 1925 - scroll
Antique violin made in 1925 - scroll
Provenance: Germany
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 35.8 cm
Year: 1925

Antique violin made in 1925 - amateur violin

This violin featuring a surprisingly good sound was hand crafted in 1925, a solid instrument that bears an undecipherable label and may be an amateur work that features a convincing voice. The rich orange-brown oil varnish bears some traces of use and covers the attractive back, that has a very short repair to the lower part of the edge, and the medium grained spruce of the two piece top. The hand of an ambitious violin maker who has carefully observed the old Italian works can be seen in the arching and edgework. This well preserved violin was worked over by our luthier and is offered ready to play; it features a strong, clear, open and resonant sound.

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