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Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - top
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - top
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - top
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - back
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - back
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - ribs
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - ribs
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - scroll
Old French violin, Laberte, Mirecourt - scroll
Inventory No.: 5401
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 36.0 cm
Year: 1940 circa
Tone: Warm, dark, clear, strong

Lovely old French violin by Laberte, Mirecourt

This French violin is a lovely old instrument that was built approx. 1940 in Mirecourt, the small but famous violin making village in the Vosges mountains. Moderately grained spruce that was used for the top and intensely colored red varnish with tastefully applied antique touches determine the attractive appearance of the violin. It was built after a popular Stradivari model as indicated by the Laberte model label, in affordable quality with a blackened soft wood fingerboard - more lightweight than ebony and which is tonally not unfavorable at all! The softly ascending arching of the top and the back is very well crafted. The scroll is a work of unmistakable French character, beautiful in appearance, and the overall style indicates that the violin was built in the renowned workshops of Laberte. We offer this French violin undamaged in very good condition, immediately ready to play; it was thoroughly worked over by our luthiers. Its strong sound is dark, warm and full of character, brighter and singing in the upper ranges and with convincing power.

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990.00 €

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