Customs information UK

Customs fees


Our clients in the UK can take advantage of the convenient customs situation for importing their orders. Since Swiss customs fees are based on the total weight of the shipment, most of our packages incur very low fees, if any. Many Corilon shipments even fall below the threshold of 5 francs, which is the minimum amount for which customs fees are even charged.


Furthermore, stringed instruments over 100 years of age are regarded as antiques which can be imported duty-free around the world.


Import VAT and reimbursement


In addition to the import fees that may be incurred, there may also be Swiss import VAT at the applicable tax rates when our shipment is imported. If you return a shipment to us, you can apply to have the import fees reimbursed that you paid upon receiving the order.


Please note that the VAT for individual items from our catalogue is calculated on the basis of a special tax procedure known as differential taxation according to §25A of the German VAT law. Here, German VAT is only calculated on the basis of a small factor of the total price – our profit margin – which varies from instrument to instrument and cannot be reimbursed.


Shipping to parcel delivery services


To avoid the handling fees that many shipping companies charge because of customs and tax registration, many clients who live near the border have their shipments sent to addresses or parcel delivery shops in Germany or the German customs area in Basel.