Trade-in programme

Our trade-in option: Giving you the right instrument at every step

As your skill grows, the standards you have will grow as well when it comes to your instrument or bow. We want to accompany you along every step of your musical path, which is why we are glad to accept any new or old stringed instrument or bow you purchased from us at any time when you trade it in to upgrade to another one. Your investment is fully protected: We will give you trade credit for 100% of the original price of the old instrument against the cost of something "new", as long as your old instrument or bow is in its original and acceptable condition and the price of the new instrument is at least 100% more than the price of the old one, i.e. if you purchased a violin priced at € 1,000 the new one should be priced at least € 2,000. Our trade guarantee applies to stringed instruments within the same category, i.e. you can trade your small-sized violin or violin for another violin, your bow for another bow, and so on. The original receipt must be presented if you wish to take advantage of our trade option. Consigned instruments and bows that are sold on behalf of our customers (indicated with A-inventory numbers) and accessories (cases, strings, cases and bow of CV Selectio etc.) are excluded from the general trade-in option. However, we are happy to discuss indidvidual options. 

What are the requirements?
Due to differing quality standards and technical opinions, a trade-in is no longer guaranteed if you yourself, third parties, or other luthiers have modifications and other work done to the bridge, soundpost, or other work done to the instrument - even if it is "only minor" in your eyes. In such cases we will have to charge the complete refurbishing costs to bring the instrument back to our house and sound standard or reject a trade-in, if sound quality has been altered. It is better to contact our house workshop right away if you want to have service work done on the instrument.

How do you define "acceptable condition"?
Normal traces of use on the bridge, strings and fingerboard as well as minor scratches to the varnish or open seams are acceptable. The instrument or bow will undergo our professional appraisal, and the trade value may be lowered or the guarantee rendered null and void altogether if more significant repairs are needed or there has significant damage occured such as cracks, broken corners or edges, warping, severe damage to the varnish, etc. We must charge an overhaul and reconditioning fee of € 250 for violins and violas, € 500 for cellos and € 125 for bows; this covers a general revision, set up, minor repairs and retouch and obligatory new strings. In case the cost of obligatory workover according to our quality standard exceed these amounts significantly the actual workover cost will be charged.

Best procedure and shipping fees
When we take your instrument in trade, you will first order the new instrument (or bow) you are interested in and have it shipped to you. This way, you will be able to compare the instruments and make sure you are happy with your upgrade before you send back your old instrument. You may use our professional packaging to safely return the old instrument or bow (with a copy of the original invoice by Corilon violins made out in your name) and get the trade value refunded shortly upon receipt of the instrument. You will be responsible for the shipping costs and any customs fees or import taxes if you are sending it from abroad. It is not necessary to ship by DHL, UPS, or FedEx express mail - normal postal airmail services are available at significantly lower cost! If you are sending us your old stringed instrument in from abroad via international mail, please make sure you fill out the customs declaration correctly to avoid delays and additional fees.



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