How do you recognize a good violin? 8 tips from Corilon violins

Good sound, easy to play and precise craftsmanship: these 8 tips will help you recognize a good violin

The quality of a violin can be judged in various ways. Here are some important factors that play a role for the layman when evaluating a good violin:


  1. Sound quality:

    • A good violin produces a clear, balanced and resonant sound. A good violin responds easily and the tone should be balanced and pure in different registers and across the 4 strings. 
    • Test the violin during the return period and play different pieces to evaluate its versatility.    
  2. Quality of craftmanship:

    • Craftsmanship is critical. Look for clean edge work, neatly cut sound holes, fine corner finishing and hand work in hard-to-reach areas. The varnish should be handmade in several layers and of high quality.
    • The varnish should be even and of high quality. 
  3. Quality of tonewood

    • High-quality violins are often made from well-seasoned tonewood. The top (soundboard) is typically made of spruce, while the back and sides (ribs) are made of maple. 
    • The grain and flames of the wood can, but does not have to, indicate the tonal quality. 
  4. Bow:

    • The violin bow is just as important as the violin itself. A high-quality violin bow is well-balanced, accommodates the player when playing and has been made by hand. 
    • Important indicators are the design of the head and the thickness distribution of the bow stick. The wood species plays a secondary role. 
  5. Playability:

    • A good violin is easy to play, responds well and gives the musician good control over sound and articulation. 
    • The shape and size of the neck should be comfortable for the player to hold.
  6. Origin and maker:

  7. Price

    • Price differences have their justification, especially in the area of high-quality violins. Although the price of a violin alone is not always an indicator of quality these days, it always reflects the quality of a good violin in a reputable shop. 
    • A handmade violin takes around 200 hours of work to make. Very cheap violins are inevitably of inferior quality.
  8. Reputation of the seller:

    • The reputation of the seller or manufacturer can also give an indication of quality. Ideally, buy from trustworthy sources and avoid unknown online stores. Corilon violins is the largest reputable online retailer with its own violin making workshop that has been offering high-quality, tested string instruments in all price ranges online for almost 20 years.
    • Buying on Ebay or at other auctions may be tempting but is always a risk, as violins with hidden defects, dubious instruments and violins with sound problems are increasingly offered there


At Corilon violins, you can listen to any violin before you buy it with 30 days returns and have it played by a good player. Using the audio function in the Corilon violins catalog, you can listen to a professional recording of every instrument on offer. However, the player's personal taste plays a decisive role, as every musician plays their violin differently and experiences and appreciates it differently. And finally, a violin also has an emotional value, which is often experienced as much more important than the monetary value of a violin.

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