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More detailed information about stringed instruments and the history of violin making.

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Every old stringed instrument
has an open-ended story to tell.

Open-ended, because old stringed instruments live on
from generation to generation.

  • Old and antique violins, master violins, violas, cellos and bows online

  • Discover Corilon violin's outstanding selection of premium old stringed instruments online – exclusive and unique old and antique violins, master violins, violas, cellos, children's violins, violin bows and cello bows, each one carefully and individually chosen because of its sound and quality. A portfolio of fine stringed instruments, all of which have been professionally set up and restored by the luthiers at our atelier for violin making and restoration in Munich.

  • Fine stringed instruments online presented with MP3 sound samples

  • Become thoroughly acquainted with your old violin, master violin, viola or cello before you make your purchase: our high-resolution photos, online MP3 audio clips and interesting historical background information serve as a personal introduction to each old stringed instrument. Corilon violins is proud of a broad online selection of old stringed instruments, a wide-ranging palette of true musical personalities, and we guarantee the quality and authenticity of every old stringed instrument offered in our catalogue.

  • 30 day return policy and guaranteed safe, worldwide delivery

  • Fine stringed instruments will be sent straight to your home, and we guarantee for safe and secure international shipping. For 30 days you can fully get to know your "new" instrument in your everyday musical environment – at home, in an ensemble and in the concert hall. If it does not meet your expectations, simply send it back.

  • Trade-in your old stringed instrument

  • Old violins, violas or cellos that no longer meet your growing musical abilities may be offered to us in trade for a better one. Corilon's old violin shop will consider a trade-in for instruments you purchased from us and other fine stringed instruments: old violins, master violins, cellos, violas and bows of considerable quality.

  • We offer a guarantee on every stringed instrument in our catalogue

  • Certificates and appraisals are an important cornerstone of the confidence you need before you purchase an old stringed instrument. This is why you can order a certificate of appraisal for every string instrument and bow we offer so you can have confirmation of important information about the provenance, age, structural details and current value of your old stringed instrument.

  • Tonal optimization and service repairs for old stringed instruments

  • Our specialist master atelier will also accept commissions for service repairs, bow rehair and tonal optimization for your violin, viola or cello (national and international). Please contact us for a quote and instructions for sending in your instrument.

    Corilon violins: old violins, antique violins, master violins, violas, cellos and violin bows - fine stringed instruments,
    professionally restored and ready to play:

    New arrivals in our catalogue:
    • Recommendable old German violin, ~1920
    • Outstanding antique French Breton violin, approx. 1850
    • Antique Klingenthal violin, approx. 1850
    • English Baroque violin, 18th century
    • Old German violin after Niccolo Amati, Markneukirchen
    • Fine Markneukirchen violin bow after Sartory, sweet, sophisticated tone
    • Markneukirchen violin bow, strong and powerful toned
    • Antique German violin from Saxony, classical model, approx. 1880
    • Strong, lightweight virtuoso violin bow, Albert Leicht
    • Good violin bow from Markneukirchen, warm, mellow tone
    • Antique Neuner & Hornsteiner Mittenwald violin, approx. 1900
    • Matured, resonant sounds: Old violin from Saxony
    • Good Markneukirchen violin bow approx. 1950
    • Fine Markneukirchen violin bow, 1920ies
    • Old violin from Mittenwald, Johann Fürst
    • Fernando Montavoci, rare Italian violin
    • Silver-mounted violin bow, for K. van der Meer Amsterdam
    • French soloist violin after J.B. Vuillaume - restorations, special price
    • Mittenwald violin, Johann Reiter, 1949, opus 254
    • German Markneukirchen violin bow with a blank frog
    • Otto Albert ("Pariser") Hoyer, lightweight violin bow, circa 1930
    • Excellent Markneukirchen violin by C. G. Schuster jun.
    • German violin by Ludwig Fritz Heberlein
    • Mario Bedocchi, fine Italian viola (certificate by Eric Blot)