Renting or leasing a violin from Corilon violins

Renting and leasing a premium violin, master violin or viola

When it comes to the particularly valuable Italian violins, master violins and master violas in our catalogue, you have the appealing alternative of renting or leasing fine stringed instruments: selected violins and some violas that are especially indiacted "for rent" are available with the option to buy. This approach gives demanding musicians a wide range of benefits:

  • Be certain of your investment: Take a longer time than usual to make sure that the instrument you have selected really has the exact musical profile you want. We will credit up to 24 monthly rates (net sum) towards the purchase price of your instrument in case you would like to purchase it after the rental period.

  • Exchanging instruments:You may exchange the violin anytime for another during the rental period. We will credit up to 24 monthly rates (net sum) towards the purchase price of your final choice.

  • Enjoy tax advantages: As a professional musician, you can usually enjoy greater tax deductions when you lease a violin. We suggest presenting our offer to your tax consultant to learn more about the relative advantages of renting, leasing or buying an instrument outright.

  • For students and young professionals, this financing option is an outstanding way to start playing a top-quality instrument immediately—at good conditions—even if you cannot yet afford to buy it outright. And if you decide to purchase the instrument, the leasing installments you have paid so far will reduce the amount you might have to finance later on.

You can rent or lease the contemporary and historic Italian violins and violas in our catalogue that are correspondingly marked and worth 10,000 € or more. The rental / leasing price already includes any minor setups or adjustment at our workshop.
You will be required to insure the instrument and pay a deposit in the amount of 25% if the instrument price that will be refunded upon proper return of the instrument. Please hand in a letter of recommendation by your professor.

1.5% - Our rates for violin and viola rentals and leasing:


Instrument value   Monthly rate (net)             Insurance fee
10.000 €   150 €         20 €
15.000 €   225 €         30 €
20.000 €   300€         40 €
30.000 €   450 €         60 €
50.000 €   750 €         100 €


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