30 days returns

Take your time: our 30 day returns and refund policy

30-day trial & return period 

When you want to buy a violin, viola or cello online, Corilon violins are a partner you can rely upon. Our extended 30-day trial & return period gives you plenty of time to test and evaluate your purchase at Corilon violins thoroughly. If you feel that you are not completely satisfied with your instrument or bow please return it for a refund. In the case of a return please inform us within 30 days of receipt of your instrument by email that you will be returning your purchase and ship it back to us within the 30-day period.

Please note that during the return period, any modifications made to our instrument by you, by third party luthiers or by other third parties (especially to the bridge, strings and soundpost), even if they are "just little matters" like changing streings or chin rest in your eyes, will void the return guarantee.

100% refund of the purchase price

The Corilon online violin shop does not charge any restocking fee. We will inform you via email when we have received your shipment; incoming packages are processed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We will refund 100% of the purchase price after having received the returned instrument  in unmodified, undamaged condition. We will replace worn strings or dirty, heavily played bow hair at your expense. You will be reimbursed within 14 business days via the method you chose for your payment. 

Please have in mind that any changes being made to the setup of our instrument will void the return guarantee.

Instructions on returning an instrument to Corilon violins

In returning the instrument, please pack it carefully — preferably just as we sent it to you — and send it from the same name and address that we originally shipped the order to with a copy of the original invoice via your carrier of choice. Please notify us briefly by email of your return before you send it. It is not necessary to ship via DHL, UPS or FedEx express mail - normal postal airmail services are available at reasonable cost. If you do not use the original packaging, please see our detailed information on packing and shipping a violin. We cannot accept postage-due or COD shipments because of the high additional cost. If you are returning an instrument from outside EU, any return shipment must be correctly customs declared with the shipping type "return of goods". Some customs clearance delays will occur due to return customs procedures we must follow, which is one free of charge for you. Please have in mind that Corilon violins is not responsible for any return import cost that may incur upon incorrect return declarations. Once we have received and processed your refund, we will send you written confirmation and will process your refund based on the method of payment within 14 days. 

Please notify us of the return by email and find out the return address before you send an instrument back! You are also welcome to visit our showroom in Cremona to choose another instrument.

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