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Since 2003, several thousand old stringed instruments have passed through the hands of the violin makers at our workshop where instruments are made and restored. Our highly qualified luthiers, violin makers and master violin makers have spent long years of intense work dealing with a variety of different design standards, distinctive physical and acoustic properties, and a wide range of forms of damage. They have a rich wealth of experience which is rare, even when compared to international violin shops.


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No matter whether your string instrument is historic or contemporary, it is in the best of hands when you bring it to the specialists at our workshop in Munich. Our violin makers will dedicate the same expertise and excellence to your violin, viola or cello which we give to every instrument in our online catalog; a standard which has already won over musicians around the world. Especially when it comes to maintenance and tonal adjustment, our violin makers uphold the highest possible craftsman and aesthetic quality, focusing the breadth of their experience and carefully coordinated services to preserve the value and musical properties of your instrument. With the greatest sensitivity for an instrument’s original condition, we develop convincing solutions in terms of restoring varnish, meticulous touch-ups and re-varnishing, and patching simple and complicated cracks.

Premium materials
we exclusively use top-quality materials when repairing your instrument or adjusting its sound. When a restoration to a musically sensitive area is necessary, we take the greatest care in selecting woods with aesthetic and resonant properties that perfectly harmonise with the original substance.

The highest quality standards
our luthiers constantly work on historic master instruments which call for the utmost in craftsman ability; this sets the benchmark at our workshop.

Prompt returns
You can rely on us to return your instrument to you promptly at the date we have agreed upon.

Corilon's "sound package" for your instrument
we will give the instrument a new bridge and sound post and adjust them with the greatest precision until these central elements of the instrument's acoustic properties have been set up perfectly.

Specialised tonal adjustment
over 3,000 instruments in our catalogue have already been set up at our workshop, and this wealth of experience is tangible, even when we are performing routine tasks.

Corilon violins: violin makers and violin shop in Munich Au-Haidhausen

Opening hours mondays through fridays 9 am to 6 pm by appointment 
please arrange an appointment by phone or email

Corilon violins • Lilienstrasse 2 • D-81669 München • Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89-444 19 619 • Fax: +49 (0)89-444 19 620



Every procedure that our luthiers recommend is discussed with you in advance so that you are always aware of the kind of repairs being made and the costs you can anticipate. This applies to repairing the damage that results from accidents or the consequences of improper storage as well as routine maintenance, minor repairs and tonal adjustments. Our experience in internationally shipping delicate string instruments means you can also take advantage of our experts’ services even if you are unable to come to Munich yourself.

Optimizing the sound of your string instrument at Corilon violins

The core competences at our master violin shop have grown to encompass extensive experience in both restoring valuable fine string instruments and in developing nuanced techniques for tonal adjustment. Since we work for sophisticated musicians, the tonal adjustment of each individual violin, viola and cello in our catalog is our utmost priority. The vast numbers of different instruments we have handled since we founded our violin shop in 2003 along with the individual tonal specifications of our clients have helped the team at our master workshop to become the outstanding experts that they are in tonal adjustment, the ultimate discipline in the art of violin making. The services we offer range not only from modeling the delicate resonant properties and making sensitive minor modifications such as adjusting the sound post; we also consult with you about the best technical and physical conditions for your instrument.

Try and buy selected instruments at Corilon violins

When you visit our Munich shop and spend time with our instruments, you can find inspiration as you try out a customized selection of excellent antique and contemporary violins, German and French violin bows, violas, cellos and inspiring cello bows which will unlock the surprising acoustic potential of the instrument you love. Our experience in shipping delicate string instruments internationally also allows you the opportunity to take advantage of professional violin tone optimization or tonal adjustment even if the trip to Munich is too far for you.

Our collections of old master violins, the collection of Italian violins and fine stringed instruments are distinctive collections.


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