Shipping & payment methods

Corilon violins assumes full liability for damages and losses during transport.

++ due to Covid-19 worldwide shipping restrictions we are unable to ship internationally at the normal € 59 violin shipping rate. We can ship to North America and Asia with UPS express at a reduced rate of € 89  ++

Safely shipping precious stringed instruments worldwide is our everday business. Therefore, Corilon violins assumes full liability for damages and losses that occur during transport on the way to you - except for cellos, we recommend personal collection of these bulky and vulnerable instruments, please. Below you will find the flat rates we charge for safe packaging and shipping and handling of stringed instruments. If you order more than one article, only the highest rate will apply; for example, only the rate for shipping a violin will apply if a violin is sent along with a bow. We ship with UPS (Germany and Europe) and Deutsche Post/DHL premium (worldwide international). Please check your individual FedEx shipping quote.

 USA  + CanadaEurope Worldwide


59 € 39 € 59 €


59 € 39 € 59 €


189 € 99 € 189 €

Children's violins

59 € 39 € 59 €

Violin bows

59 € 39 € 59 €

Cello bows

59 € 39 € 59 €


Payment methods

The classic payment method in high value purchases is wire transfer payment in advance, a service which we happy to provide before delivery. You can enjoy the convenience of paying online by credit card or bank debit using PayPal, the reliable online payment system that is integrated into our order form. We are happy to offer you the possibility to pay upon collection by cash or card in our business premises in Munich, Germany. Please have in mind that a transaction charge applies to all local credit card payments in our store.




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