About Corilon

Music is the language of angels

Corilon is the name of the angel of arts and expression of the enthusiasm we feel about old stringed instruments. Since we have established our business, we have been sharing this enthusiasm with collectors and musicians around the world. At our master ateliers for violin making and restoration in Munich and Cremona, our specialists competently and lovingly restore fine violins, old and contemporary student and professional violins, antique violas, fine cellos, German and French violin bows and fine cello bows, each of which was carefully selected and is full of character.

The distinctive historic profile of every one of our fine stringed instruments is given the respect it deserves in informative descriptions, high-resolution photographs and compelling audio clips. Our high quality standards have made Corilon violins one of the leading names in the world of historic stringed instruments – a solid reputation which we aspire to surpass every day.

To be included in our online catalogue, an instrument must have one feature above all: high musical quality, which we also prioritise in selecting our rarities and extraordinary pieces by renowned master luthiers. As a result, professional musicians, demanding amateurs and talented students alike can all find a broad palette of outstanding instruments to choose from in the Corilon catalogue. They can be sure of finding exactly what they need to achieve the sound they desire and make the most of their technique.

Every stringed instrument we sell is in excellent condition and immediately ready to play, and as part of our return policy, you can spend 30 days thoroughly becoming acquainted with it. When you purchase an instrument at Corilon violins, our team of experienced violin makers, restorers and music specialists guarantees top standards of reliability with premium service and personal consultation. 

We are members of the British Violin Making Association (BVMA) and the Violin Society of America (VSA). We also we also work in close cooperation with highly respected experts in Cremona, Mittenwald, Munich, Paris and Stuttgart.

Corilon violins GmbH • Lilienstr. 2 • D-81669 München • Germany
 • [email protected] • www.corilon.com

Corilon violins S.R.L. • Piazza San Michele, 7 • I-26100 Cremona • Italy
• +39 0327 844 5119 • [email protected] • www.corilon.com

Corilon violins S.R.L. • Via Alessandro Manzoni, 5 • I-26100 Cremona • Italy
• +39 0327 844 5119 • [email protected] • www.corilon.com


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