Consignment sales

Sell a violin or other fine stringed instrument on consignment 

Our elaborately detailed online catalogue and highly representative business premises in Munich Central city is the perfect venue in which to present your fine stringed instrument. If you would like to sell a valuable stringed instrument with an interesting history and outstanding musical properties on consignment, Corilon violins would be pleased to sell it on your behalf. Our highly-qualified team has years of experience in setting up and presenting valuable violins, violas, cellos and bows.

  • Finding loving hands
    At our distinguished facilities in downtown Munich and Corilon's show room in Cremona, our clients and guests can spend time getting to know our instruments in a quiet setting. This helps your instrument find its way to the one musician who will appreciate it most.

  • Our international online catalogue
    is designed to appeal to sophisticated musicians worldwide, and we also offer them wide-ranging guarantees and opportunities to try out their purchase.

  • Our consultation services are based on  20 years of experience in the trade
    of historic instruments, which gives us a reliable and trustworthy foundation. We assess the sales potential of your fine stringed instrument and discuss with you a reasonable price that can be attained within a reasonable timeframe.

  • We offer beneficial terms: 15-10%
    for selling instruments on commission: 15% (up to 50,000) and 10% (over 50,000) plus VAT on comission and an additional € 250 web presentation fee that includes insurance. We will manage the entire process of handling your sale and the related logistics, and we will present and advertise your instrument for you. 

  • Absolute transparency
    is one of the convincing advantages of our online catalogue: you can track the price and progress of your sale at all times and see immediately when your instrument was sold and at what price.

If necessary, in our atelier for violin making and restoration, our highly qualified and experienced specialist luthiers will take care of any work needed to preserve or adjust your instrument's voice. All of our repairs are done with the greatest care and competence. If you are interested in selling your stringed instrument on consignment, please contact us directly to learn more about the terms and conditions. To begin the process, please send us pictures of the entire instrument, preferably from all sides, including any important details about issues such as damage. If your instrument is expected to achieve more than €10,000, we also request copies of appraisal documents.Please send your photos and scans via email to [email protected].

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Corilon violins S.R.L. • Via Alessandro Manzoni, 5 • I-26100 Cremona • Italy
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