Corilon quality

Corilon quality - excellent condition and ready to play

We guarantee every instrument in our catalogue.

Our catalogue of exclusive fine stringed instruments is distinctive because of the demanding quality standards we apply when we hand-select every historic violin, viola, cello and bow and make each one ready to play. All instruments must have excellent musical qualities and be in good condition before we consider including them in our collection, regardless of their price point.

Even the instruments which make their way to us in flawless condition are thoroughly looked over by the luthiers at our master workshop in Munich and Cremona, and as a rule they are given a new customized set up and a new set of fittings. The bridge and sound post are replaced if they are not in top condition, the fingerboard is corrected and levelled, the upper and lower saddles replaced, the pegs replaced, the varnish cleaned, polished and smaller glued patches corrected. As a finishing touch, we give them a new set of parts and Pirastro, Thomastik oder Lasrsen strings so that our violins, violas and cellos reach the standard for which Corilon violins is internationally esteemed among a growing number of musicians.

The authenticity of the instruments in our catalogue is guaranteed by the certificates and appraisals that internationally renowned experts have issued for works created by higly regarded masters. Furthermore, for every instrument you purchase from Corilon violins, you have the option of ordering a certificate which confirms information about the instrument's provenance and its value. Among other things, this kind of document is useful when it comes to insuring the instrument properly.

With our extended return policy, you have 30 days to get fully acquainted with your Corilon instrument. If it does not completely fulfill your expectations, you can easily return it within this time frame.



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