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What do I need to know about selling my violin? Who buys violins? Information and practical tips on selling your stringed instrument to Corilon violins

Selling a violin is never a simple affair: A proper assessment of a violin’s musical qualities, its possible value and whether it needs to be restored requires experience and expertise beyond the ken of most old stringed instrument owners and small dealers. Moreover, few regional luthiers are willing to purchase instruments.

Since 2003, many private owners and professional musicians have turned to Corilon violins as a serious and trustworthy partner when selling their violins, violas, cellos or bows:

We offer many years of experience in the trade, the competence of two luthiers who have specialized in restoring old instruments and a network of collaborating experts. As the owner of a truly valuable stringed instrument, you can also take advantage of our offer to sell your instrument on consignment through our catalogue. The Corilon violins website has already helped the works of many esteemed master luthiers find their way to the right musician.

We seek interesting old violins, violas, cellos and bows of quality that meet the standards of our diverse product range.

Student instruments, manufactured instruments, new factory instruments, mass products in general, Chinese or Eastern European violins, etc. are not accepted to our catalogue.

Should you be interested in selling a good stringed instrument, simply send us a few photographs that show the entire violin, ideally from all sides, as well as any important details such as damage. Based on the first impression from your photos, we may ask you to send us your instrument. There is no need for you to have it repaired or replace missing parts like broken strings beforehand—our workshop would take care of such matters upon purchase.

We prefer that you send your photos by e-mail to:

We hope you understand that we cannot make any statements about a stringed instrument based on emails, names and dates on labels or similar information. Since the approximate price we pay for a stringed instrument can only be conclusively determined by visual and physical inspection, we recommend that you start selling your violin by submitting photos to us.

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