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German violin bow - frog
German violin bow - frog
German violin bow - frog
German violin bow, Bubenreuth, 1970's - tip
German violin bow, Bubenreuth, 1970's - tip
Inventory No.: B852
Provenance: Bubenreuth
Maker: Unknown
Weight: 56.8 g
Year: approx. 1970
Tone: Bright, mellow

German violin bow, Bubenreuth, 1970's

This lightweight German violin bow was handcrafted in the 1970's in a German Bubenreuth workshop. The light-brown stick is made of quality pernambuco wood, a nice, octagonal stick of medium tension and strength that plays fluid and elastic. The nickel mounted ebony frog is decorated with a Parisian eye and a white-rose-greenish shimmering mother of pearl slide. The total length of the bow is 74.5 cm, total weight 56.8 g, with a measured balance point at 27.4 cm that is sensed very central, offering best playing qualities. This German violin bow has a rather soft stick, it does not take much pressure. It is offered ready to play and produces a bright, mellow sound.

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