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Fine gold mounted violin bow by Johannes S. Finkel
Fine gold mounted violin bow by Johannes S. Finkel
Fine gold mounted violin bow by Johannes S. Finkel
Johannes Finkel violin bow.
Johannes Finkel violin bow.
Provenance: Brienz
Maker: Johannes S. Finkel
Weight: 63.2 g
Year: 2000 circa
Tone: Large, warm, clear

Fine gold mounted violin bow by Johannes S. Finkel

This gold bow by Johannes S. Finkel enjoys special standing among the finest violin bows of our collection. The Cristiano Ferrazzi violin with which this bow was played for many years by an excellent musician already stirred up great expectations, and these expectations were more than exceeded when we set up the bow at our workshop and reviewed its musical quality in our studio. Its large, clear, radiant sound and warm character opened up a musical world with a very distinctive quality in which top-tier musicians can enjoy discovering a broad range of potential interpretations thanks to the outstanding playing properties of the bow’s perfectly balanced stick. Johannes S. Finkel crafted this mature piece from the finest quality pernambuco and gave it gold fittings which match its brilliance. Created around the turn of the millennium, it belongs to the later oeuvre of the internationally renowned Swiss bow maker who established a tremendous reputation for himself amongst prominent musicians such as Nigel Kennedy, who prefers to play his 1735 Guarneri with a Finkel bow. The entire body of Johannes S. Finkel’s work reflects the traditions of Saxonian string bow making and is especially influenced by his grandfather, Paul Weidhaas, who was one of the finest Markneukirchen masters of his guild. Following in the family footsteps, Johannes first completed thorough training at the very well-established Brienz workshop of his father, Siegfried Finkel, and later honed his skills further during a period of over five years of wandering. J. & A. Beare's in London, Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles und William Moennig & Son in Philadelphia were stations along the journey that eventually led J. S. Finkel back to his Swiss home in 1974 where his family has lived since 1952. This violin bow represents the full sum of Johannes S. Finkel’s wealth of experience. It was patterned after a model by the classic French master Tourte, a style in which Finkel has confident mastery. The bow’s perfectly positioned balance point feels well-centred at exactly 25.5 cm of the total length, so that the bow feels lighter in the hand than its weight suggests while producing a dramatically large and powerful tone. The length is of 73.9 cm including the three-part button. J. S. Finkel placed his original brand mark above the gold-mounted ebony frog, visibly confirming the authenticity of the bow whilst also marking it as an exceptional creation by one of the most interesting masters of more recent history.


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