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Czech violin by Alois Bittner, 1930 - top view
Czech violin by Alois Bittner, 1930 - top view
Fine Czech Prague master violin, by Alois Bittner, 1930 - back view
Fine Czech Prague master violin, by Alois Bittner, 1930 - back view
Violon fait par Alois Bittner a Prague en 1930 - eclisses
Violon fait par Alois Bittner a Prague en 1930 - eclisses
violino fatto di Alois Bittner
violino fatto di Alois Bittner
Provenance: Prague
Maker: Alois Bittner
Length of back: 35.8 cm
Year: 1930

Fine Czech Prague master violin, by Alois Bittner, 1930, No. 75

This splendid Czech master violin is a highly attractive instrument by Alois Bittner that was masterly crafted in Prague in the spirit of the late 1920's. The table made of premium quality spruce with a very regular grain, the narrowly flamed maple back is executed in one piece. Luminous, orange-brown colored violin oil varnish features beautiful patina and bears interesting antique touches of use that determine the aesthetic character of this fine antique Prague violin No 75. It beas the original dated label and is the clear work of an experienced master's hand, with a neatly carved, elegant scroll and delicate ff-holes. The undamaged Alois Bittner master violin's impressive sound expresses a golden, sweet tone after a complete work-over by our expert luthiers, a precise, resonant voice that is warm and dominant, with a somewhat mellow note, and suitable for demanding player.

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