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Anton Hertel: 1920's Düsseldorf violin - top
Anton Hertel: 1920's Düsseldorf violin - top
Anton Hertel: 1920's Düsseldorf violin - top
1920's Düsseldorf violin - back
1920's Düsseldorf violin - back
Anton Hertel: 1920's Düsseldorf violin - side
Anton Hertel: 1920's Düsseldorf violin - side
1920's Düsseldorf violin by Anton Hertel- scroll
1920's Düsseldorf violin by Anton Hertel- scroll
Provenance: Düsseldorf
Maker: Anton Hertel
Length of back: 35.7 cm
Year: approx. 1920

Anton Hertel: 1920's Düsseldorf violin

This excellent Düsseldorf violin by Anton Hertel ranks amongst the most interesting instruments we have discovered in recent months. And it comes as a surprise that its luthier, Anton Hertel, is largely unknown, given the exceptionally good quality of the violin's craftsmanship, its sound and its playing characteristics. This particular instrument is an eloquent testimony to his flawless craftsman skill and meticulous approach. This self-confident copy of Antonius Stradivarius has medium arch, and its outstanding quality is clearly evident in the way the purfling was executed with extreme precision as well as in the deep carving of the scroll. The deep flames of the maple on the two-piece back and the top-quality spruce of the top are well-chosen tone woods coated with a thick layer of orange-brown oil varnish. Anton Hertel's original label confirms the violin's provenance. We received it in undamaged condition and with some vivid traces of use which imply that there were experienced musicians amongst its previous owners. This would be no surprise in light of the violin's unusually large, radiant, bright and expressive sound which gives demanding soloists a broad palette of multi-facetted interpretations. This rare Düsseldorf masterpiece of an instrument is now ready to play after a great deal of care was invested in setting it up at our restoration atelier.

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