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Viola bow by Max Leicht, circa 1920 - frog
Viola bow by Max Leicht, circa 1920 - frog
- head
- head
Provenance: Hohendorf
Maker: Max Leicht
Length of back: 64.2 g
Year: approx. 1920

Viola bow by Max Leicht, circa 1920

In the 1920s, this premium viola bow was crafted in the outskirts of Markneukirchen, the village which served as the capital city of classical violin and bow making in the Vogtland region. More specifically, the viola bow was made in the tiny town of Hohendorf near Bad Brambach, where there were several bow-making ateliers in the 1920s. The original stamp on the strong octagonal stick indicates that this is the work of Max Leicht, who selected a light-brown pernambuco and gave the bow an unornamented ebony frog with nickel-silver fittings and an attractive one-piece button. His meticulous craftsmanship reflects the art of a well-trained and experienced hand. This convincing bow has outstanding playing properties. Its balance point feels well-centred at 25.4 cm of the total 74.5 cm length. With its weight of 64.2 g, it is very light and feels pleasant in your hand. Kept in top condition, this good viola bow is now ready to play after having been set up by the specialists at our atelier. We recommend this viola bow with the clear, large and powerful sound it creates with a great deal of volume.

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