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Johann Georg Schönfelder: fine Markneukirchen violin, c1790
Johann Georg Schönfelder: fine Markneukirchen violin, c1790
Johann Georg Schönfelder, violon ancien de Markneukirchen c1790
Johann Georg Schönfelder, violon ancien de Markneukirchen c1790
Johann Georg Schönfelder, violino antico c1790
Johann Georg Schönfelder, violino antico c1790
Inventory No.: A58
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Johann Georg II. Schönfelder
Length of back: 35,8 cm
Year: approx. 1790

Johann Georg Schönfelder: fine Markneukirchen violin, c1790

This fine master violin is a premium-quality instrument crafted by Johann Georg Schönfelder, one of the best luthiers from the Vogtland region in the late 18th century. Schönfelder's oeuvre continue to enjoy an outstanding reputation to this day – not only amongst musicians, but amongst luthiers in the tradition-conscious Markneukirchen area who continue to refer to his historic models as a template for excellent new violins. Schönfelder's unique and striking style can be seen in its mature self-confidence: the delicate purfling close to the deliberately accentuated margin is an unmistakable cahracteristic of his work. The elegant carving of the small scroll demonstrates both the master's aesthetic sensitivity as well as his rich artisanal experience, which had reached its zenith during the period in his career when this violin was made. Dynamically curving upper and lower bouts define the powerful personality of this truly lovely instrument. Its top was made of meticulously-chosen, finely-grained spruce, and the one-piece back consists of excellent maple with gentle flaming. Schönfelder's brand mark I*G*S on the interior of the body confirms the provenance of this master instrument, which has been kept in top condition. It has only commonplace traces of use, and a repair was solidly performed which in no way affects the sound. Its voice blends a flute-like, warm, mature character with magnificent resonance and strength. The violin, which has been set up and made ready to play, is ideal for precise and demanding musical interpretations.

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