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Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-top
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-top
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-back
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-back
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-side
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-side
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-scroll
Violin patterned after Guarneri,Mittenwald-scroll
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1900 circa
Tone: Bright, singing

German Violin patterned after Guarneri, Mittenwald

Dating back to around 1900, this old violin from Mittenwald is in rare and nearly flawless condition. A classic Italian model by Guarneri del Gesù inspired this instrument, which is unmistakably a Mittenwald violin crafted from the outstanding tone woods of the Karwendel mountains. The large scroll shows the typical style that confirms its heritage, whilst the shape of the body and the cleanly carved sound holes are a successful nod to Guarneri. The thinly applied coat of a warm brown varnish shows traces from playing. Accentuated edges indicate the work of an experienced hand whose touch is also evident in the meticulous care paid to minor details. The quality of this violin's voice — bright, clear and rich in overtones — parallels its craftsmanship. This warmly recommended instrument is now ready to play after having been carefully set up by the restoration specialists in our atelier.

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