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French violin, probably Moitessier - top
French violin, probably Moitessier - top
18th century French violin - back
18th century French violin - back
18th century French violin, probably Moitessier - side
18th century French violin, probably Moitessier - side
18th century French violin, probably Moitessier - scroll
18th century French violin, probably Moitessier - scroll
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: probably Moitessier
Length of back: 36.5 cm
Year: 1800 circa

18th century French violin, probably Moitessier

The violin is a wonderful French piece of work of the late 18th century, made around 1800 in Mirecourt. The violin is typically large what was a common standard in Mirecourt models at the time. Having a length of back of 36,5 cm, the violin is perfectly suitable for large adult players. The violin bears a "Moitessier a paris" brandstamp inside on the back plate. The varnish is of a bright goldenorange color, well worn and patinated. The large elegant scroll is especially beautiful. This Moitessier violin is in good condition and despite some minor flaws at the left soundhole undamaged (two small repairs of less than 1 cm length). It has been carefully checked and restored by our luthier and is in immediate playing condition. The violins huge character sound is dark, noble and mature.

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