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Mirecourt violin, Couesnon approx. 1910 - top
Mirecourt violin, Couesnon approx. 1910 - top
Mirecourt violin, back view, Couesnon around 1910, back
Mirecourt violin, back view, Couesnon around 1910, back
Couesnon Mirecourt: side view of a 1910s violin
Couesnon Mirecourt: side view of a 1910s violin
Scroll, Couesnon violin, old violin approx. 1910
Scroll, Couesnon violin, old violin approx. 1910
Provenance: Mirecourt
Maker: Couesnon
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: approx. 1910
Tone: Warm, mature, large

Couesnon, antique French Mirecourt violin, Mirecourt approx. 1910

This exceptionally beautiful and well preserved French violin originates from the well-known French violin making town Mirecourt. It was made by Couesnon in the 1910's, the violin bears the original label. This good Couesnon violin features high-class craftsmanship and quality tonewoods, a clear sign of the workshops experience is the beautifully worked out arching and the large, typically blackened French scroll. The tonewoods are covered with a bright golden-brown varnish, its glance emphasizes the fine grains and the diverse textures of the different types of wood in a natural way. This recommendable French Couesnon violin is preserved crackfree in good condition, some deep scratches on top that have been filled have no influence on the sound or stability of this violin and are considered in the price. The violin has been worked over by our luthier and is offered ready to play, the violin produces a lare, mature and powerful sound rich in overtines that is beautiful and of good strength and much recommended.

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