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Italian violin by Marcino Bran, 1946 - top
Italian violin by Marcino Bran, 1946 - top
Provenance: Roveredo
Maker: Marcino Bran
Length of back: 35.8 cm
Year: 1946

Italian violin by Marcino Bran – a specially commissioned piece

In 1946, sculptor Ado Furlan commissioned this elegant instrument from Friulian violin maker Marcino Bran, who based the piece on a design of legendary virtuoso Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755-1824). Most presumably this is the instrument that was sent by Furlan to the competition in the framework of the great Stradivari exhibition in 1949, that took place in Cremona on the occasion of Antonio Stradivari´s 300st anniversary. It was honored by the jury and included on the "Registro del violino del Museo civico di Cremona". The delicate work on this narrow violin is a successful Italian modern-age masterpiece with an individual, unmistakable style which is evident in the stylish sound holes and graceful scroll on an intentionally narrow peg box. Special mention must be made of the aesthetic harmony seen in the warm, orange-brown oil varnish and its fine crackling against the background of very beautiful tone woods with a distinctive grain. The violin's powerful sound is dark and warm but clear and full of substance. Its label reads “Viotti” / Liutaio Marino Bran, per ordine dello / scultore Ado Furlan, Rovereto in Piano (Udine) (luthier Marino Bran, as commissioned by / sculptor Ado Furlan, Rovereto in Piano (Udine)) and features the initials B. M. and the handwritten signature Liutaio Bran Marcino, fece anno 1946. (luthier Bran, Marcino, made in the year 1946). This rare violin was worked over in our workshop and is offered ready to play.

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