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Antique German 3/4 violin
Antique German 3/4 violin
Antique German 3/4 violin
Antique German 3/4 violin from Markneukirchen - back
Antique German 3/4 violin from Markneukirchen - back
Violon ancien 3/4 de Markneukirchen - eclisses
Violon ancien 3/4 de Markneukirchen - eclisses
Violino vecchio 3/4 tedesco
Violino vecchio 3/4 tedesco
Inventory No.: 5244
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 33.6 cm
Year: approx. 1940

Old Markneukirchen 3/4 violin, c.1940

This fine quality Markneukirchen 3/4 sized violin was built in a master workshop in Markneukirchen in Saxony, a c.1940 instrument that is one of the rare most beautifully antique pieces of this size that has a compelling voice suitable for young ambitious players. The orange-brown colored varnish bears meaningful traces of use and some scratches as they are common for an instrument of such age and demonstrate, that its former owners enjoyed to play it. The individual style of the elegant model, the beauty of the varnish and the good quality of workmanship and woods give visible evidence of the skills of the maker. After a complete work-over in our atelier we recommend this undamaged antique 3/4 violin for its appealing mature, warm, strong and powerful sound.

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