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Corilon violins • Lilienstrasse 2 • D-81669 München • Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89-444 19 619 • Fax: +49 (0)89-444 19 620

Atelier for violin making and restoration:

Senior master violin maker: Bernhard D. Fischer
Junior violin maker: Guillemette Boudoux d'Hautefeuille


Dr. Annette T. M. Roeben

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    New arrivals in our catalogue
    • Antique Saxon master violin - 19th century, c.1870
    • 19th century Mittenwald violin. Neuner & Hornsteiner, approx. 1860
    • Raffaello Bozzi at Antonio Monzino: Italian violin, 1940's
    • Italian violin, Romedio Muncher, Cremona 1929
    • American violin by W. Wilkanowski, Brooklyn, 1938
    • H. Derazey: Fine French violin from the workshop of Jean-Joseph Honoré Derazey
    • Saxonian violin by master luthier Max Heiling
    • Old Markneukirchen violin from Schuster & Co., 1942
    • Antique Markneukirchen violin, probably Schuster & Co.
    • Antique Violin from Saxony, approx. 1870
    • Antique Markneukirchen violin of quality, c.1890
    • Markneukirchen master violin, 1940's
    • German student violin after Stradivari, from Bubenreuth
    • Giorgio Grisales: Modern Italian violin, Cremona (certificate Giorgio Grisales)
    • Northern German violin by Richard Berger, Stralsund
    • German violin from Mittenwald, 1970'ies
    • Contemporary master violin by Marc de Sterke
    • Interesting German post-war violin, Hopf workshop, Taunusstein-Wehen
    • Contemporary Italian violin by Giovanni Lazzaro, Padua 1990
    • Fine Mittenwald master violin, c.1740, Sebastian Klotz circle
    • Antique Czech master violin. A fine copy of Johann Georg Thir, c.1900
    • Antique French 3/4 violin. Probably J.T. L.
    • François Fent, a fine historic French viola of the late 18th century (certificate Hieronymus Köstler)
    • Marcello Martinenghi, 1949: Fine Italian viola (certificate Eric Blot)