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Corilon violins • Lilienstrasse 2 • D-81669 München • Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89-444 19 619 • Fax: +49 (0)89-444 19 620

Atelier for violin making and restoration:

Senior master violin maker: Bernhard D. Fischer
Junior violin maker: Guillemette Boudoux d'Hautefeuille


Dr. Annette T. M. Roeben

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    New arrivals in our catalogue
    • Jean-Joseph Martin: Fine French violin bow, c.1880 (certificate J.-F. Raffin)
    • Antique Mittenwald violin, made in the 1920's
    • Antique French 3/4 violin with a strong tone - J.T.L.
    • Dark, warm, brilliant sound: Antique Markneukirchen violin after Stradivari, c.1910
    • Lightweight German violin bow. Knopf workshop, approx. 1890
    • Modern German master violin bow. By Roderich Paesold - excellent
    • Italian soloist violin. Luigi Mozzani, Rovereto 1930 (Franke certifikate)
    • Northern German master violin full of character, Franz Reber
    • French J. P. Gerard viola bow, 1980's
    • French J.T.L. violin, c.1920  "J. Kochly"
    • Older Mittenwald violin, 1960's
    • Antique French Breton violin. Mirecourt, approx. 1930
    • Excellent French violin. Collin-Mézin (fils), 1927, "Le Victorieux", No. 412
    • SALE Modern Italian violin, probably Mario Gadda, Mantova
    • SALE Eugène Nicolas Sartory: Fine French violin bow by E. Sartory Paris (certificate J.-F. Raffin)
    • René Morizot: Interesting French viola, 1932
    • Italian violin, Raffaele Calace e figlio 1929
    • Modern master violin, copy of Gaetano Chiocchi
    • Fine cello bow, Joseph Alfred Lamy père, Paris, c.1895 (certificate J.-F. Raffin)
    • Wolfgang Löffler's "e-Strings", Professional electric violin (silent violin)
    • C. A. Hoyer, German student violin bow
    • Fine German violin bow, Nürnberger school
    • Fine German cello bow by August Rau
    • Neuner & Hornsteiner violin, Mittenwald c.1900