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Czech Schrötter-brand violin, approx. 1940
Czech Schrötter-brand violin, approx. 1940
Czech Schrötter-brand violin, approx. 1940
Provenance: Unknown
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: approx. 1940

Czech Schrötter-brand violin, approx. 1940

Inspired by a very broadly-contoured version of a classic Antonio Stradivari model, this violin has a Schrötter brand mark inside the body and on the outside of the back. The Schrötter name belongs to a family of luthiers from northern Bohemia and was long attributed to instruments of varying provenance. In light of its design, this particular violin is indeed a Bohemian from the 1940s or '50s. Its top was crafted from premium spruce with an even grain, whilst the one-piece back of sycamore maple features a rare kind of wild flaming which gives this instrument its character. The petite, delicate scroll and low arches of the body with its gentle fluting reflect the fine quality of this violin, which has been maintained in outstanding condition. It was thoroughly set up by the specialists in our atelier. It is now ready to play, and the violin's bright and clear voice is compelling with its slightly sweet note.

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