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Fine Mittenwald violin for sale by Peter Hornsteiner, circa 1790
Fine Mittenwald violin for sale by Peter Hornsteiner, circa 1790
Fine Mittenwald violin for sale by Peter Hornsteiner, circa 1790
Violin back by Peter Hornsteiner Mittenwald
Violin back by Peter Hornsteiner Mittenwald
Peter Hornsteiner Mittenwald violin ribs
Peter Hornsteiner Mittenwald violin ribs
Peter Hornsteiner Mittenwald violin scroll
Peter Hornsteiner Mittenwald violin scroll
Inventory No.: 5377
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Peter Hornsteiner
Length of back: 35.3 cm
Year: approx. 1790

SALE Fine Mittenwald violin by Peter Hornsteiner, circa 1790 (certificate Hieronymus Köstler)

This fine Mittenwald violin for sale is a truly lovely antique instrument made by an experienced master from the Hornsteiner family, a wide-ranging dynasty of violin makers; it is believed to have been crafted by Peter Hornsteiner, as the highly esteemed Stuttgart expert Hieronymus Köstler states in his certificate of authenticity, which we have included with this instrument. Both the expressive and dynamic aesthetic of the violin’s excellent craftsmanship as well as its magnificent sound which has matured over time give us insight into the high standards of traditional Mittenwald violin making around the turn of the 19th century, a craft which was able to assert itself despite the rise of industrially manufactured musical instruments during this period. The cornerstone characteristics of such instruments include premium-quality regional tone woods such as the kind seen here: the finely-grained spruce of the top and wide-flamed maple of the two-piece back confirm the master’s confident stylistic sense and his highly refined awareness of the resonant properties of the material. A deep red and greatly darkened varnish creates an enigmatic interplay of colours. The violin’s distinctive and lovingly carved scroll gives it a personal touch which is a brilliant match for its sophisticated and timbre-rich sound – a dark yet very clear voice we can warmly recommend after having carefully set up this well-preserved instrument and made it ready to play.

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