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Violin by Leodegar Mayr, Bayerisch Gmain
Violin by Leodegar Mayr, Bayerisch Gmain
Violin by Leodegar Mayr, Bayerisch Gmain
Inventory No.: A130
Provenance: Bayerisch Gmain
Maker: Leodegar Mayr
Length of back: 35.4 cm
Year: 1981
Tone: Bright, clear, sweet

Rare master violin by Leodegar Mayr, Bayerisch Gmain

A musical and aesthetic revelation, this rare violin was created by Leodegar Mayr, who died only a few years ago. It draws attention to an interesting and extensive oeuvre because of its truly lovely aesthetic, its pleasant playing properties and its outstanding sound. Mayr studied at the Mittenwald violin making school and then refined his skills in the course of the three years he spent working under Johann Karl Padewet in Karlsruhe, who had studied with Giuseppe Fiorini and Georg Winterling and grew into a mature representative of the craftsman tradition. Created in 1981, the violin reflects Leo Mayr's artisanry at the pinnacle of his career. The creative and unique style in which it was fashioned illustrates the rich experience which Mayr acquired not only in the course of making new instruments but also in his work with the Berlin Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic and his contact with leading soloists such as Julia Fischer, David Garrett and Gidon Kremer. The deep flames of the two-piece maple back, the harmonious grain of the spruce top and the elegant golden-brown varnish make the instrument's outstanding quality visible at a glance, and our restoration workshop took the greatest care in setting it up and making it ready to play. Rich in timbre and with a radiant sound, this undamaged Leo Mayr violin has developed an inimitable musical profile whose bright, clear and sweet character opens up interesting options when it comes to interpreting the finest repertoire across all periods.

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