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Carlo Micelli violin
Carlo Micelli violin
Carlo Micelli violin
Carlo Micelli violin back
Carlo Micelli violin back
Carlo Micelli violin ribs
Carlo Micelli violin ribs
Carlo Micelli violin scroll
Carlo Micelli violin scroll
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Carlo Micelli brand
Length of back: 35.8 cm
Year: 1922

Carlo Micelli: Excellent Markneukirchen violin, 1922

This Carlo Micelli violin is a very beautifully sounding antique Markneukirchen violin, made around 1922. The violin likely originates from the Roth workshop in Markneukirchen, the works of it shares similariries to. The model is typically after Stradivarius with rather flat archings. The edges are very nicely made; scroll and soundholes, too, show good quality German Markneukirchen workmanship of the golden times. The varnish shows many signs from playing and history, but is very beautifully patinated and of a bright golden orange/brown color. This Carlo Micelli violin is despite two repairs under the tailpiece (which allow us to offer the violin at a highly reduced price) in very good condition. The Carlo Micelli violin has been checked and set up by our luthier and is in fine and immediate playing condition. Its bright clear sound is of remarkable quality for an instrument in this price range - clear, strong, dominant, mature and well balanced over the strings. Special recommendation!

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