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Markneukirchen violin, soloist violin - table
Markneukirchen violin, soloist violin - table
Markneukirchen violin, soloist violin - table
Powerful Markneukirchen violin for soloists - back
Powerful Markneukirchen violin for soloists - back
Violon ancien depuis 1940 en modele Stradivarius, allemand - eclisses
Violon ancien depuis 1940 en modele Stradivarius, allemand - eclisses
Violon ancien depuis 1940 en modele Stradivarius, allemand - volute
Violon ancien depuis 1940 en modele Stradivarius, allemand - volute
Inventory No.: 4724
Provenance: Markneukirchen
Maker: Unknown
Length of back: 35.9 cm
Year: 1940 circa

Markneukirchen soloist violin, 1940's -violinist's recommendation!

This perfectly strong sounding and very powerful Markneukirchen violin is suitable for soloists, it was built around 1940 in keeping with a Stradivariusmodel, is a powerful instrument with very good acoustic qualities. With its balanced, warm, powerful ringing sound, it stands besides the best Roth violins and is an outstanding example of high-quality Markneukirchen handcraftsmanship of the early 20th century. The spruce used for the top features an evenly patterned grain which harmonises beautifully with the two piece maple back of deeply flamed maple. This interesting Markneukirchen violin's highly appealing appearance comes from it wonderfully antiqued orange-brown varnish on a golden-yellow background, its accurate purfling and its large, attractive scroll. Preserved in perfect condition this Markneukirchen soloist violin is preserved in very good condition, this violin was made ready to play in our atelier and invites you to explore the broad musical options it offers. This violin deserves the recommendation of our violinist, member of 1st violins of a major Munich professional orchestra.

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3,500.00 €

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