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Maggini violin by Hawkes & Sons, around 1920
Maggini violin by Hawkes & Sons, around 1920
Maggini violin by Hawkes & Sons, around 1920
Provenance: London
Maker: Hawkes & Sons
Length of back: 36.2 cm
Year: 1920 circa

Hawkes & Sons, Maggini violin No. 224

This violin comes from Hawkes & Sons, a british company that became a part of the important editor and maker of musical instruments Boosey & Hawkes in 1930. It was built approx. in 1920, after a large and eye-catchingly beautiful Maggini model with the typical shape and slim soundholes. Double purfling and an additional winding of the scroll are exquisite details. A noble, dark red-brown varnish over a golden-yellow ground complements the harmony of the fine tonewoods, especially of the beautiful bird´s eye maple that was used for the back. With a minor repair at the ribs and at the right soundhole the violin is in skilfully worked-over condition, restored by our luthier and ready to play with new rosewood pegs, tailpiece and chinrest. A warm and dark sound, rounded and voluminous, but precise and full of character confirms the excellent musical qualities of this "Maggini No. 224".

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