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Johann Reiter, violin, Mittenwald 1949
Johann Reiter, violin, Mittenwald 1949
Mittenwald violin, Johann Reiter, 1949, opus 254 - maple back
Mittenwald violin, Johann Reiter, 1949, opus 254 - maple back
Johann Reiter, violon allemand de Mittenwald 1949
Johann Reiter, violon allemand de Mittenwald 1949
Johann Reiter, violino tedesco di Mittenwald 1949
Johann Reiter, violino tedesco di Mittenwald 1949
Provenance: Mittenwald
Maker: Johann Reiter
Length of back: 35.6 cm
Year: 1949

Mittenwald violin, Johann Reiter, 1949, opus 254

This high quality Mittenwald violin opus 254 was crafted by Johann Reiter, who ranked among the major figures in Mittenwald violin making. He was born in 1879 and was one of the few violin makers in his hometown who worked for himself and was not dependent on larger manufacturers. Johann Reiter inherited a sense of artisanal perfection from his father, Johann Baptist Reiter (1834-1899), another great name in Mittenwald tradition. The father in turn was a student and disciple of the legendary Jean Vauchel (1782-1856). And the sense of perfection that father and son shared was old-fashioned in the best sense of the word. Johann Reiter was not only a brilliant violin maker — he was also a highly sought-after repairer, multi-talented musician and an artist who enjoyed experimentation and successfully tried his hand at unusual instruments such as the octave violin and the viola pomposa. This beautifully sounding violin has an original label dated 1949. It is a Guarnerius model that was made of good quality Mittenwald tone woods and varnished in a beautiful golden-orange that especially highlights the mildly flamed wood of the back. Minor traces from playing have no impact on the playing qualities of the crackfree and very well preserved instrument. With its moderately high table, this recommendable Johann Reiter violin is in perfect condition and has a strong, bright, warm and sweet open voice.

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