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Inventory No.: 5465
Provenance: Wehen/Taunus
Maker: Hopf workshops
Length of back: 35.7 cm
Year: 1958
Tone: Large, warm, clear

Interesting German post-war violin, Hopf workshop, Taunusstein-Wehen

This interesting violin with a magnificent sound plays a special part in the history of the world-renowned Hopf workshop in Taunusstein-Wehen. It was crafted in 1958: at the time, Dieter Hopf had just completed six years of studying and apprenticeship and returned to his father's workshop, which had been moved from Saxony to Hessen in 1948. It was there that he matured into an internationally esteemed and highly regarded master who created music history with the guitars he made. As a member of the Hopf dynasty, a centuries-old family of luthiers in the Vogtland region, Dieter Hopf trained at the Mittenwald violin making school and had deep ties to the most important German violin making traditions whose finest attributes are reflected in this instrument, a distinctive adaption of the influential Hopf model. A golden-brown spirit oil varnish developed fine craquelé over the years and enhances the beautiful moderately-grained spruce of the top and the subtle flames of the two-piece back. The violin's bright edges highlight the painstakingly crafted purfling drawn deep into the beesting corners. Along with the deeply carved and evenly proportioned scroll, these features round out the attractive aesthetic of this violin, which has been kept in outstanding undamaged quality and was carefully set up and had its sound optimised by the professionals at our workshop. Upon recording the audio sample, our violinist expressed surprise and delight at the outstanding musical properties of this contemporary Hopf violin, an instrument which can be regarded as peerless within its price bracket.

1,600.00 €

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